Why is the PSPO-A course great for entrepreneurs?


Why is the PSPO-A a Great Course for Entrepreneurs?

One of the most fantastic courses that scrum.org offers for entrepreneurs is the PSPO course, which is an advanced Product Owner course for professionals who already possess the fundamentals of Scrum and Product Ownership but are looking to upskill and expand their knowledge. As we know, Product Owners are important for bridging business strategy and product execution so that teams can maximise the value they bring the organisation and customers. Product Owners are also important because they ensure that everything is done efficiently and with the correct information, including meeting the needs of Stakeholders and the team, creating a roadmap for the project(s), and acting as a first point of contact for clients as well as bridging the gap between Stakeholders and Developers.

Effective Product Ownership is paramount for the successful maintenance and success of an organisation. But there are however times when Product Owners can risk the success of a business through ineffective management and execution of business strategy.

Ineffective Product Owners typically:

🚀 Lack understanding of the target business/mission/market.

🚀 Lack a product vision.

🚀 Struggle making tough choices.

🚀 Are not empowered to make decisions.

PSPO-A Offers Solutions

If you want to avoid meeting serious issues along the way and help boost the chances of your business being a success, the PSPO-A course could be a great fit! With the underlying aim of helping Product Owners extend their vision, validate their hypothesis and deliver more value to their Stakeholders, this course can be a great option for those wanting to deepen their understanding and expertise of what it means to work in Scrum and be a great leader.

To achieve this, the PSPO-A course is really geared towards equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills that they need to tap into the delivery of success of their teams and make sure that product quality is going in the right direction. The course achieves this through the exploration of various perspectives such as the Experimenter, the Visionary, the Decision Maker, the Collaborator and the Influencer. In this course we look at all of these perspectives and then slowly build a product wall that enables you to capture your own unique vision and articulate your next experiment. In the course we also look closely at what metrics you are using and could use to guide your product delivery, and ensure high-quality performance in your team.

But the real power of the course when you really get down to it,  is that it can help you build a deeper understanding of what the Product Owner is all about in Scrum. As an entrepreneur, owning the product is not enough, being empowered to make decisions and being proactive in product management as well as thinking strategically about what experiments or actions you need to take to maximise value is all part of taking that step further towards becoming a great Product Owner and organisation.

In summary, you  could thus say that in this course you will find a ruthless focus on value, being compassionate with people, and most importantly; the true essence of what it means to run and support a team in performing their best.

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