2024-11-04 Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner course.

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Become an Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner with Simon Reindl. Course delivered live, online to participants around the world. Get PSPO-A certified.

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Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Course Overview

Presented by Simon Reindl

Elevate your Product Ownership to new heights with the Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner (APSP) course, led by Simon Reindl, a pioneer in Agile training and a stalwart in the Scrum community. As the co-author of “Mastering Professional Scrum” and the first Professional Scrum Trainer in the UK, Simon’s deep expertise and innovative teaching methods have sculpted leaders in the Agile domain.

PSPO-A Course Objective

The PSPO-A course is meticulously crafted for experienced Product Owners who aspire to amplify their impact and effectiveness in driving product success within the Agile framework.

Who Should Attend the PSPO-A?

This advanced course is perfect for seasoned Product Owners, Agile Product Managers, and business leaders who seek to refine their strategies, enhance stakeholder engagement, and lead with vision and agility.

What Will You Learn?

  • Strategic Product Management: Master the art of long-term product planning, visioning, and road-mapping to steer your product through competitive markets.
  • Advanced Stakeholder Management: Develop sophisticated techniques for managing expectations, negotiating priorities, and fostering robust stakeholder relationships.
  • Market Mastery: Learn to navigate market dynamics, customer insights, and competitive landscapes to make data-driven decisions and innovate with purpose.
  • Leadership in Product Ownership: Cultivate the leadership qualities necessary to guide your Scrum teams and organization towards a cohesive and strategic product vision.

Simon Reindl’s Expertise

Simon Reindl’s approach to the PSPO-A course is characterized by a blend of theoretical depth and practical application. His training sessions are interactive, with a focus on real-world scenarios, advanced problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

PSPO-A Course Structure

Over two immersive days, the PSPO-A course delves into the complexities of product ownership, with an emphasis on practical exercises, peer discussions, and critical thinking exercises that challenge participants to think and act strategically.

Why Choose The PSPO-A Course?

  • Advanced Learning: Benefit from Simon Reindl’s rich industry experience and advanced teaching methodologies to gain insights into high-level product management strategies.
  • Practical Application: Engage in complex scenarios and hands-on exercises that simulate real-world product ownership challenges and solutions.
  • Certification and Recognition: Attain the Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner certification, showcasing your expertise and dedication to mastering the nuances of product ownership.
  • Network of Excellence: Join a community of advanced practitioners, sharing insights and experiences to foster continuous improvement and innovation in the field of Agile product management.

The Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner course with Simon Reindl is a transformative experience that propels Product Owners beyond conventional boundaries. It’s an opportunity to not just learn, but to be inspired and to inspire, shaping the future of product management with agility, insight, and strategic acumen. Join Simon on this advanced journey to redefine product success and leadership in the Agile world.

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Live, online.

PSPO-A course delivered live, online to participants around the world.


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