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Unlock the power of Agile with Scrum.Org’s professional scrum training. Whether you’re new to Scrum or looking to hone your expertise, our courses are meticulously designed to inform, educate, and empower you. Dive deep into best practices, gain hands-on experience, and emerge as a Scrum champion ready to drive projects and supercharge your career. Don’t just learn Scrum – master it with the UKs first Professional Scrum Trainer!

Bas Spitters

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Professional Scrum Trainer


Scrum.Org Professional Scrum Training.

Official Scrum.Org Curriculum Meets 20 Years of On-the-Ground Expertise! Dive into a professional Scrum training program that stands apart, blending the official curriculum from Scrum.Org with the vast insights and practical knowledge of Simon Reindl.

With two decades as a seasoned Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and renowned Agile Consultant, Simon infuses every session with real-world scenarios, lessons, and strategies.

Train with the best, benefit from globally recognized course materials, and leverage Simon’s deep-rooted expertise to supercharge your Scrum mastery.

Scrum.Org Certifications

If you’re new to scrum or a seasoned professional, we’ve got the perfect course and certification to help you achieve your professional career objectives. From the entry-level Professional Scrum Master course through to Agile Leadership with Evidence Based Management, choose the course that’s going to help you level up and shine.

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Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course. 2-day interactive and engaging Scrum Master course.


Advanced Professional Scrum Master course (PSM II). 2-day interactive and engaging course.


Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course. 2-day interactive and engaging course.


Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Course (PSPO-A). 2-day interactive training course.


Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials. 2 day interactive and engaging course.


Professional Agile Leadership with Evidence Based Management. 2-day course.


Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills. 2-day interactive and engaging course.


Scaled Professional Scrum. 2-day interactive and engaging course.


Professional Scrum with UX and Lean Product Development. 2-day interactive course.


Lean Agile Procurement Certifications

If you’re finding that traditional procurement processes, systems, and styles of working are preventing you from achieving business agility, explore the Lean Agile Procurement courses below.

LAP Credential 1

Lean Agile Procurement Credential 1 course. A 2-day interactive and engaging course on procurement.

Training that transforms.

Rock-solid information, insights, techniques, and recommendations that allow you to fast-track your career and shine as a professional scrum practitioner.

Private, tailor-made scrum training courses for organizations.

Sometimes, it just makes sense to bring the team together to train in the context of their own business and product development challenges. A unique, custom experience that leverages official scrum training within the context of your team, department, or organization.

A blend of training, coaching & consulting.

Customer Reviews

We think we’re great, but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that counts is whether our clients think we’re great. Fortunately, they do. Here are some of their reviews.

Truly the best trainer I have had within the Academy so far. Simon has an enormous amount of knowledge and can convey the material to us through simple metaphors. The interactive part also helped enormously with understanding the course material.

No comments. Everything was well organized from Simon.

Bas Spitters

Scrum Master

Simon is just the best instructor i could wish for. Hè knows scrum like we know how to breath. The way hé teaches and implemets scrum is on a high level. Even if your english is not that good, he will make you understand!


Scrum.Org student


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Visit our Blog or subscribe to our YouTube channel for heaps of short videos that are designed to help you master and deploy scrum effectively. Designed to help you improve as a scrum professional on the job.