PSPO-A Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Course

Simon Reindl is a deeply experienced professional scrum master, agile coach, and professional scrum trainer. In fact, he was the very first certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) in the UK and was the official course steward for the Scrum.Org Professional Scrum Master course. Actively creating and developing the course curriculum for tens of thousands of scrum masters around the world.

Simon brings this wealth of experience, capability, and expertise into the PSPO-A course and combines curriculum, experiences from the field, and deep insights from the world of #agile to help you level up as an advanced professional scrum product owner. Register for a live, in-person or live, online class with Simon Reindl below.

PSPO-A Course Overview

Elevate Your Product Leadership in the Agile Arena

Step beyond foundational product ownership and into the realm of advanced strategic mastery with our Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner (A-PSPO) course. Delve deeper, challenge conventions, and refine your approach to emerge as a vanguard in the ever-evolving product landscape.

PSPO-A Learning Objectives:

  1. Strategic Visioning: Enhance your ability to craft compelling product visions that resonate with stakeholders and meet market needs.
  2. Complex Stakeholder Management: Navigate intricate stakeholder landscapes, managing expectations, conflicts, and facilitating collaborative decision-making.
  3. Advanced Backlog Techniques: Dive into nuanced techniques for backlog management, including refining items for complex environments and scaling for larger teams or multiple teams.
  4. Value Optimization Metrics: Learn advanced metrics and KPIs that drive product value optimization, enabling evidence-based decisions.


PSPO-A Actionable Outcomes:

  • Design and implement advanced product strategies, translating intricate requirements into actionable plans.
  • Foster deeper, more strategic relationships with stakeholders, ensuring alignment even in complex product environments.
  • Navigate and optimize the product backlog in multi-team Scrum environments, ensuring consistent value delivery at scale.
  • Leverage advanced metrics to continuously refine product direction, ensuring optimum value delivery at every sprint.


Benefits of Achieving PSPO-A Skills & Certification:


  1. Elite Product Leadership: As an A-PSPO certified individual, set yourself apart as an elite product leader, capable of navigating the most challenging product landscapes.
  2. Strategic Advantage: Harness advanced techniques and insights to provide your organization with a competitive edge in product development.
  3. Recognition & Growth: Gain recognition among a global community of advanced product owners, opening doors to premier networking and growth opportunities.
  4. Increased Business Impact: Your refined skills will lead to products that better resonate with users, leading to increased satisfaction, retention, and business growth.


Unlock the next level of product ownership with the A-PSPO course. This is not just about managing products, but leading and envisioning them from the forefront of the Agile movement. Dive into deeper waters, challenge the status quo, and emerge as an unparalleled product leader. Your journey to advanced product mastery starts here. Enroll now and shape the future of product ownership.

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Each course delivered provides delegates with an opportunity to leave their honest review on trust pilot. Below are some of the reviews left for Simon Reindl on the Scrum.Org and Trust Pilot websites. We can’t wait to see your review up there too.

Simon breathed new life into the nature of online collaboration and learning. Through the thoughtful use of Miro and the well placed inputs from the participants, he was able to give an effective presentation of the topics in the scrum framework and keep the class motivated. Great work and also nice tips.

Michael Walorski

Trust Pilot review

Simon Reindl is a superb trainer

Simon Reindl is a superb trainer. Not only the way he teaches sinks in, but he is empathetic, funny and extremely knowledgeable. If I was to attend another QA course I would look for Simon’s name.


Trust Pilot Review


We offer a combination of live, in-person courses as well as live, online courses delivered via digital channels. We also do work with corporate clients where we host private classes on the company’s premises or preferred venue.

It is tough, but fair. The PSPO-A course will provide you with everything you need to know to master the more advanced product owner accountability, but will also provide you with everything you need to pass the exam.

Attending a PSPO II course and passing the international exam validates your learning, knowledge, and capabilities. It provides potential employers and clients with a quality assurance that you are a proven, safe investment as an advanced product owner in Scrum.

Scrum.Org provide you with a free, second attempt on the PSM II examination as long as you have taken the first exam within 14 days of the course. Connect with us for additional assistance before you rewrite the examination.

No, you don’t. A new breed of Agile Leader and entrepreneur is beginning to understand the value of the Product Owner skillset and are actively looking to adopt those skills, so we do have a fair amount of managers / leaders / entrepreneurs attending the PSPO II.

Ken Schwaber, the cofounder of Scrum, is also the founder of Scrum.Org International. As such, the PSPO II or Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner certification is internationally recognized, certified, and respected.

Coaching, within the context of Scrum, is a strong focus of the PSM II course. The PSPO II course provides insight into the different stances of an advanced product owner, as well as insight into product leadership and innovation, which is transferable into your coaching capabilities but won’t necessarily teach you how to be a coach. You will definitely grow your coaching skill, techniques, and capabilities through the PSM II course and learn how to lead a scrum team effectively so we would advise that you attend that course too.

Things happen. We get that. If you are attending the course and are not able to attend the second day, we are more than happy to accommodate you for day two on any of our future courses. Connect with us on

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Level up as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile coach!

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