As a course steward for, what were the primary drivers behind the PSM course curriculum?


Behind the Scenes: Crafting the PSM Course Curriculum 📚

When Stephanie and I took on the role of stewards for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course at, we were driven by a deep sense of responsibility and purpose. Our journey in curriculum development was guided by core principles that trace back to the origins of Scrum itself, as envisioned by Ken Schwaber. Here’s a glimpse into the foundational drivers that shaped our approach to evolving the PSM course, a cornerstone of Scrum mastery.

Rooted in Rich Tradition

The Genesis of Courses

All courses at, including the PSM, are deeply rooted in the original training sessions shared by Ken Schwaber, the co-founder of This legacy sets a high bar for maintaining the integrity and depth of the Scrum Master course, which has historically been seen as the gateway to understanding and applying Scrum principles.

The Stewardship Journey

Thought Leadership and Collaboration

Our stewardship was marked by three pivotal aspects, with thought leadership at the forefront. Collaborating closely with Ken and the team, we embarked on a mission to not only preserve the essence of the PSM course but also to push its boundaries forward, incorporating the latest insights and advancements in Scrum practice.

Community Feedback: The Heartbeat of Evolution

A crucial element of our stewardship was engaging with the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) community. This vibrant group of practitioners provided invaluable feedback, shaping the course to meet the evolving needs of Scrum Masters worldwide. Their insights ensured that the PSM course remained challenging yet enriching, filled with rich content and exercises designed to transform mindsets and approaches to Scrum.

Aligning with’s Core Purpose

The ultimate aim of our efforts was to align the PSM course with’s foundational goal: to help individuals and teams succeed in delivering value in complex environments using Scrum. This guiding principle was our north star, influencing every decision, from content creation to the selection of teaching methodologies.

The Crafting Process

A Labor of Love and Precision

Crafting the PSM course curriculum was a labor of love, marked by meticulous attention to detail. Stephanie and I delved into each word, each exercise, ensuring that every element of the course was purposeful and impactful. This careful, deliberate approach was reflective of the pre-COVID era’s emphasis on in-person learning, which allowed for a richer, more immersive exploration of Scrum principles.

Looking Back and Forward

Evolution and Adaptation

While has evolved to embrace different models for course delivery, our time as stewards of the PSM course was characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and relevance. As the landscape of Scrum training continues to change, the principles of thought leadership, community engagement, and alignment with’s mission remain as vital as ever.

A Unique Selling Point

The consistency and quality of’s courseware stand out as a unique selling point. This consistency is not just a testament to the organization’s commitment to Scrum excellence but also a challenge to other organizations to maintain the same level of rigor and fidelity in their educational offerings.

Conclusion: A Continuous Journey

The journey of stewarding the PSM course was a profound honor and responsibility. As Scrum continues to evolve, the principles we adhered to in developing the PSM curriculum serve as a lasting foundation for future stewards. It’s a journey of continuous improvement, driven by a passion for helping the Scrum community thrive in an ever-changing world.

To those embarking on their Scrum Master journey or considering taking the PSM course, know that it is crafted with deep care, rigorous thought leadership, and an unwavering commitment to your success in the complex world of Scrum. 🌟

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