What will you learn on a PSM II course?


The PSM II Course: An Advanced Journey in Scrum Mastery

The Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) course represents an advanced, interactive, and deeply reflective learning experience for those aspiring to master the nuances of Scrum. It’s not just a traditional learning environment but a mutual exploration of advanced Scrum principles, facilitated by experienced trainers and enriched by the collective insights of participants.

The Essence of PSM II

PSM II goes beyond basic Scrum principles, delving into the subtleties and complexities of the Scrum Master role in various organizational contexts.

Focus on Advanced Scrum Principles

  • Supporting the Scrum Team: The course emphasizes how Scrum Masters can better support their teams, including developers and product owners, to foster a professional Scrum environment.
  • Leadership and Organizational Influence: It also addresses how Scrum Masters can effectively lead and influence within their organizations.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning Approach

The PSM II course is designed to be highly interactive, leveraging both liberating structures and core facilitation techniques.

Facilitation and Engagement

  • Guided Discussions: Facilitators guide discussions, encouraging participants to share their experiences and insights.
  • Dynamic Learning Environment: The course utilizes various facilitation techniques to ensure an engaging and participatory learning experience.

Reflective and Peer-Led Insights

One of the unique aspects of the PSM II course is its reflective nature, inviting participants to consider various scenarios and challenges in Scrum.

Exploring Scrum Mastery

  • Reflecting on Scrum Practices: Participants are invited to reflect on different aspects of being a Scrum Master, exploring various “edge cases” and challenging situations.
  • Learning from Peers: The course facilitates learning from fellow practitioners, making it a peer-learning experience where everyone, including the facilitators, gains new insights.

The Role of Facilitators

Facilitators in the PSM II course act as guides and peers, contributing to the collective learning experience.

Experienced Facilitators

  • Expert Guidance: Facilitators like Barry Overeem and Christian for Vice bring their extensive experience to shape the course content and delivery.
  • Continuous Collaboration: There is ongoing collaboration with other Scrum experts, such as Stephanie Ockerman, to align the course with the overall scrum.org approach.

Emphasis on Continuous Learning

The PSM II course is grounded in the belief that learning is a continuous journey, especially in the ever-evolving field of agile and Scrum.

A Collaborative Learning Journey

  • Mutual Learning Experience: The course is structured as a collaborative journey where both participants and trainers learn from each other.
  • Embracing New Insights: Each session offers opportunities for all involved to gain fresh perspectives and deepen their understanding of professional Scrum.

Conclusion: The Impact of PSM II on Scrum Practitioners

The PSM II course stands out as an advanced training program that deeply enriches the knowledge and skills of Scrum Masters. It offers a collaborative, reflective, and advanced exploration of the Scrum framework, making it an invaluable experience for practitioners looking to elevate their Scrum mastery.

Advancing Scrum Mastery

  • Beyond Basics: For those looking to go beyond the basics of Scrum, PSM II provides an avenue to explore complex scenarios and develop nuanced understanding.
  • Enhancing Organizational Agility: By focusing on leadership and organizational influence, PSM II empowers Scrum Masters to drive agile transformation effectively in their workplaces.

In summary, the PSM II course represents a significant step in the journey of a Scrum Master. It offers a dynamic, reflective, and advanced exploration of Scrum, facilitated by seasoned experts and enriched by peer insights. For Scrum practitioners aiming to deepen their expertise and impact within their organizations, the PSM II course is an invaluable opportunity for growth and professional development.

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